Human automation Everything about Human-centric Automation

Facing Automation or  Skill Depreciation ?

You’re not alone, 65% of American workers already assume that their job will be replaced in a near future.

With that, day-to-day fears of lay-off are growing, and new career plans are becoming a necessity.

The solution ? Check our Human-Skills School to grow future-proof and long-lasting skills.


Enhance your ideation and brainstorming process thanks to creative thinking.

Design Thinking

Learn the famous collaborative and innovative design guideline from IDEO to build impactful products.


Grow your communication & emotional skills to work productively in a team.

AI Litteracy

Tools to Beat Automation

An increasing number of software are helping human workers acquire new mental models and augment their thinking.

At Human Automation, you’ll find curated and informed rankings to choose the thinking tool that exactly fits your needs.

Mind Mapping Tools

Tools that help you and your team brainstorm new ideas and solve problems creatively.

Design Thinking Solutions

Solutions to envision users' needs, generate visual sketches and built product prototypes according to IDEO's famous ideation process.

Educational software

Software to learn new subjects and train new skills with innovative educational methods.

Collaboration Platforms

Platforms to share and communicate data & insights without losing productivity.