The best micro-learning tools to supercharge your training journey

In the late 20th century, employers needed workers who were confident enough in their knowledge to manage predefined information systems. Today, companies can no longer rely on workers that are definitive experts in their subjects.

As knowledge systems evolve, an expert in the field today may become a novice tomorrow. In this context, companies are increasingly looking for educational systems that follow workers throughout their careers, when they need it most.

Many so-called “microlearning” solutions have emerged on the market to offer corporate employees a more flexible, continuous, and mobile educational experience. But which one should you choose to guide the onboarding and training of your employees?

Here is a top list of the best microlearning systems for your needs.

Best mobile LMS


Edapp learning system

Edapp is the LMS that provides a fully integrated mobile experience. With this educational platform, you can assemble a chapter-based learning path from a library of pre-made courses. You can rely on gamified mechanics and daily repetition that reinforce the message of your content in the mind of your learners. Edapp also features an automatic translation system to share your content with any audience. It’s thus the perfect all-in-on mobile training tool for large companies.


ISpring learning system

ISpring is a leading LMS that has turned to microlearning. It gives you all the tools to create beautiful and engaging courses. You can use thousands of templates and images, an easy-to-use video editor, and add role-play sequences to involve learners. You can also convert your Powerpoint slides into an online course in a few clicks. By making them accessible on phones as well as on computers, your learners can complete their learning path anywhere and with high engagement.


Tovuti learning system

Tovuti is a traditional LMS platform that provides microlearning features to boost engagement. Besides being able to create interactive video courses, quizzes, and virtual tours, you can also break down your courses into multiple parts that can be easily consumed on any medium. You can also leverage social learning features and community building, on top of micro-learning tools, to engage your learners. Tovuti is the perfect mix between robust LMS and an engaging mobile educational app.

Best office micro-learning platforms

Lemon Learning

Lemon Learning system

Lemon learning is one of those educational solutions that fit directly into workers’ desktop tools. Users can learn to master any typically corporate platforms, such as SalesForces, Oracle, or Microsoft Office tools, which can seem complex at first glance. By providing built-in instructions and guided workflow, trainers guide them in their first use and throughout their learning process. With Lemon Learning, you ensure quick and smooth digital tool adoption among your workers.


Showpad learning system

With Showpad, you can build an engaging training experience for your salespeople. AI-based, the dashboard automatically creates learning paths for your teams based on available resources and content. Your teams have direct access to lessons on new sales tools and processes, whether on desktop or mobile. It’s also easy to establish rankings and challenge their knowledge with easy-to-grade tests and key certifications. With Showpad, you have everything you need to onboard your new salespeople and keep them thirsty for knowledge all along.

Code of Talent

Code of Talent learning system

Whether you want to onboard office employees or train them on new skills, Code of Talent is the micro-learning tool of choice. It allows you to build courses chapter by chapter, and create a real learning curve with goals to accomplish. Learners can also easily chat with each other to keep learning together. All this with an interface easily accessible by mobile, and whose format is adapted to a bite-by-bite consumption. You can thus train your teams while leaving them the freedom to learn by themselves.


Spekit learning system

Spekit provides one of the most interactive learning interfaces for onboarding and guiding employees on new tools. With this platform, you can create a resource center and tutorials directly built-in your solutions (SalesForce, Google Chrome). By creating a bite-sized course and content flow, you help your learners adopt the right workflow to leverage their resources. You can also assess their engagement step-by-step and quickly update your courses. So it’s an all-in-one tool for training your office workers.

Best frontline worker micro-learning tools


Showpad learning system

EduMe, meanwhile, puts the power of microlearning in the hands of frontline workers. By providing a mobile app with interactive training, they have all the information and resources at their fingertips to get started. Whether an Uber driver, logistics worker, or customer service employee, everyone can access engaging courses when and where they need them.

Talent Cards

Talent Cards learning system

Talent Cards advocates the power of a small, regular dose of education with visual and gamified exercises. Employees practice on game cards that gather all the information they need to improve their tasks. All of these solutions allow users to learn new skills on their own, both at work and in life.


Axonify learning system

Axonify gives your field employees all the tools they need to do their jobs well. By making often boring compliance courses and certifications engaging and intuitive, they allow them to get up to speed quickly. With a mobile course format, they can access the most critical information about their sales and service operation at any time, and keep it in their mind to avoid missteps. On top of that, trainers can ensure the lesson is learned as an AI-based assessment system tell them which learners show a lack of understanding.


Bites learning system

Bites leverages the mobile learning format to engrave itself on the minds of learners. It allows you to create Bites, which are short tutorial and explanation videos for field employees, that look like just a Tiktok video. You can add filters like speech enhancement or subtitles to amplify the meaning of your message. Besides this highly engaging format, you can also create quizzes and memory cards to ensure memory retention. All of this is in a personalized consumer feed that you can track to measure the engagement of each of your workers. Bites already leads the way to the future of mobile training.

Here they are, all the micro-learning tools to supercharge your learning journey!

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