The Best Collaboration Tools to Build Strong Team Spirit

As tasks are automated one by one, collaboration might have become one of the last ways to signal humanity.

By working as a team, you show your most creative, human, and emotional side, and you can figure out differentiating and genuine ideas.

But productive collaboration relies on several phases: brainstorming, scheduling tasks, sharing files, generating team engagement… And so each time you need the right tool to make it work.

Beyond the usual Slack, Zoom, and Google Workspace, here are the collaboration solutions that will help you build a strong team spirit.

Collaboration platforms for project management


Asana interface

Asana is a collaborative tool that stands out thanks to asynchronous and customized task planning features. Instead of scattering work projects into multiple conversations, it features in-progress projects on one dashboard. With a regular, sprint, calendar, or road map chart, users get an interactive and engaging overview of their to-do list and the remaining steps to reach their goal. With Asana, workers can learn to collaborate by making task assignments and goal completion a collective, visual game.


Timely interface

As employees need to handle an increasing number of work tools, Timely helps managers finely optimize their workflow with automated task counting. With it, they can track employees’ tool usage, spot time-wasting workflows, and find out automation opportunities. Thanks to this platform, project managers can also review their project activities and budgets to improve their action plans. You can also track the individual time of each team member to customize task management. Timely allows efficient and optimal team collaboration.


Hive interface

Hive is the platform that seeks to put your project management system into action. In a single platform, users can fill in the actions to carry out, time their tasks, or integrate automation workflow into their messaging or emailing tools. They can also take notes directly from their meeting, and add easy-to-follow next steps to enhance the conversation while having all the files at hand. It’s a tool that makes collaborative work so much easier.

Collaboration Solutions For File Sharing interface is an intuitive document management solution that allows all-in-one file creation and editing. It gives you access to all the documents of you and your team, combined with advanced editing and content creation features. What makes stand out is its extensive tools, media, and link integrations, which make the documents come alive and interactive. also provides access to a dashboard that intuitively groups all your work so you don’t get lost in it. provides a first-hand tool that makes you stick to your team schedule.


Nuclino interface

Like, Nuclino makes document creation and sharing between teams easier. The tool provides creative and design features to enhance your meeting reports, creative briefs, and project proposals. Each user can instantly add further details and suggest corrections. The best part of Nuclino is that you can easily sort out your team files and attach them to each other’s tasks on a single interface. Every team member can instantly see which material to create and which work resources can help them. Nuclino even enables them to draw their workflow as a customized graph. It’s really the collaboration center for every team.


Hightail interface

Hightail’s OpenText platform dramatically reduces friction for creative teams. Instead of scattered Google Docs and Excel files, users access an interface that keeps track of the latest creative progress and feedback. Whether it’s reviewing a text file, picture, or video, they can comment and iterate on the creative process thanks to this dashboard. Sharing and sending documents is also intuitive, and allows them to check last-minute modifications and every version made. It’s a perfect tool to streamline every creative team’s interactions.

Collaboration Platforms for Communication & Engagement

Empuls interface is a platform that puts employee engagement at its core. It allows employees to celebrate events, reward each other’s success, and cultivate appreciation. It fosters a sense of belonging and collaboration between teams. Because everyone feels part of the team, is recognized as such, and knows that their efforts are valued, everyone gives their best to the company. Empuls wants to recognize employees to better make them work together.


Kazoo interface

Kazoo wants to help you create a strong and engaged work culture and keep your best talent. The platform provides an intuitive goal-setting system for each worker, allows you to create a reward program that keeps them hooked, and fosters conversations between employees and managers. It is specifically designed for remote companies that seek to build a vibrant community around company values and goals. It also relies on stats to assess employee engagement and improve their onboarding experience.


Leapsome interface

Leapsome puts employee growth at the center of your company’s HR strategy. It provides employees with skills development training, helps them track their goals and progress, and gives them the tools to grow at their own pace. This platform also provides onboarding and e-learning features that allow employees to bring essential knowledge to a new role and to update their training. Finally, Leapsome includes typical employee engagement tools, which allow organizing manager-employee performance meetings, reward systems, or questionnaires to take the pulse of the teams. All in all, Leapsome is an all-in-one platform to grow the people in your company.

Collaboration Tools for Brainstorming


Miro interface

Miro puts a visual dashboard at the core of collaborative teams. With a 100% customizable whiteboard, each team member can access the current designs and works, and freely rearrange them on one interface. They can set up their projects and plan their tasks, using only simple, colorful, and easy to assemble design elements. During meetings, they can also put their ideas on the board and transform them into visually appealing and impactful action plans. Miro is providing an artistic touch to collaboration!


Milanote interface

Milanote also promotes the value of collaboration among teams of designers, marketers, and creative professionals but with an even more shared and visual board. This tool provides a common interface where users can share their works and designs, add textual descriptions and define the project’s next steps. With both creative elements and to-do lists on the same collaborative whiteboard, they can quickly agree on early design prototypes or campaign content to move forward. There’s no better way to encourage creative collaboration.


Planable interface

Planable aims to speed up and streamlines companies’ tedious content creation process. The platform allows users to instantly review and create their social media posts on the content calendar, check feedback and collect approvals. There’s no need to switch from one conversation or tool to another, as content can be designed, discussed, and scheduled on the same interface. With a fully customizable dashboard view, creative collaboration and feedback culture help build a fruitful content factory. Planable is thus a great solution to stimulate close collaboration withing marketing teams.

There you have them, all the tools to foster closer and deeper collaboration within your team!

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