The Best No-Code AI Platforms to Leverage Your Data Capabilities

Data scientists know it better than anyone: training machine-learning models is a long and tedious job.

Among other things, data engineers need to write the code, clean the data, create the labels, refine the model…

And even when the model is up to the task, they still need to review its output and prevent overfitting and underfitting.

Yet, just as no-code platforms have made web design easier, new platforms have emerged that make ML model training accessible.

These No Code AI solutions are numerous on the market, and each of them brings unique features. Here are the ones that can best fit your use cases and needs.

No Code AI for Structured Data

Obviously AI

Obviously AI adds the predictive powers of AI to your common spreadsheets. By connecting this tool to your historical tabular data (customer data, transactional data, pricing lists), you can determine the likely churn rate of your customers, your optimum prices in real-time, or the risks of your business operations. You can enrich your ML model with many data sources and refine your predictions. Obviously AI is a great tool to instantly leverage your business data.


Akkio interface

Akkio provides the same capabilities but with direct integration to your business applications (SalesForce, Hubspot, Airtable). With its intuitive interface, it puts powerful prediction, ranking, and intelligent recommendation tools in the hands of operators and engineers. They can thus identify and leverage key business variables to optimize performance. On top of that, Akkio has some of the most accurate ML models on the market for many use cases.


Monkey learn interface

MonkeyLearn is a no-code AI platform that mainly focuses on natural language processing and text analysis. You simply need to import your text files (from email, social media, surveys…) and you’ll get a semantic and sentiment analysis of your text. By training your models through data labeling, you can automatically categorize your text or spot meaningful keywords. This way you can visualize the feelings and intentions behind your content, or easily detect specific words or topics of conversation. MonkeyLearn gives you a view into your customers’ feelings and thus provides you with key insights to improve your business.

No Code AI for Unstructured Data


Nanonets allow you to leverage the data found in your unstructured documents. Based on OCR technology, you can train models to analyze your written documents with little manual intervention. You can automatically convert your accounting, invoice, and administrative documents into tabular files. You can also transcript only some specific parts of your document to gain efficiency and keep the essential information. This saves a lot of time for the operators and allows them to extract key information from business documents.


SuperAnnotate seeks to make the hard job of text, picture, and video annotation easier. Whether it’s categorizing your text, identifying objects in your pictures, or tracking gestures and events in your video streams, this platform provides you with an all-in-one interface to build your training data set. With these deep, high-quality annotations provided, you can integrate them into your automation project and create a model that is perfectly trained for your task.


CauseLens allows decision-makers to leverage their company’s data lakes to guide and justify their decisions. Unlike traditional machine learning models that rely solely on correlations, with this tool you can train causality-based models. By connecting them to your forecast data stream and reference data libraries, these models provide you with explainable predictions about business-critical decisions. You can then gauge the relevance of these results, get recommendations on your next-step actions and justify your decisions to your stakeholders. Transparent AI for transparent decisions.

No Code AI for Creative Use


Lobe is an application that makes training image and video classification models easier than ever. With a very user-friendly interface, you can label in one click pictures or videos from your library or webcam, check the growing accuracy of your model, and integrate it into your application. You can create models that recognize emotions, analyze animal behavior, monitor equipment maintenance, and detect products or objects. Lobe promotes Machine Learning use cases for practically everyone!


Runway brings the power of AI to video creators. With preconfigured visual templates, you can add advanced filters to your videos, remove the background, and move specific objects from your frame. Formerly an AI no-code tool, this video platform now allows you to do professional-looking video edits with automatic object identification and recognition. Nothing could be more effective to become a high-quality video maker!

Teachable Machine

Teachable Machine takes machine-learning accessibility a step further. Straight from your computer’s or smartphone’s webcam, you can train a model to recognize certain objects, postures, or images, and gradually test its abilities. You get immediately in your hand an application that can translate speech impaired gestures, classifies objects, and allows you to make game experiments or animated robots. Teachable Machine makes AI a fun and interactive game.

All-in-one No-Code AI Platforms


Levity puts all the data science capabilities in your team’s hands through a single dashboard. Users can perform visual quality inspection, facial recognition, content moderation, or predictive maintenance on images, videos, audio, and text documents. They can also categorize an Instagram video, do social listening, monitor their industrial processes from video feed, and automatically tag their product images. In short, it’s the ultimate tool for leveraging mid-sized companies’ data!

GoogleCloud ML

Google Cloud ML provides the same value, but with an even larger list of use cases and with Google’s robust technology. You can analyze and process your call center audio data, access advanced visual recognition technology, and read your unstructured documents. The benefits of the Google Cloud environment are that you can integrate your application on any platform, rely on pre-trained, state-of-the-art APIs, and explainable models. On the other hand, these solutions are less accessible, since they are mainly dedicated to experienced data scientist engineers.


Clarifai’s deep learning solutions help you leverage your various data source potential. Whether it’s annotating your videos and texts, providing a relevant search system, or powering your visual monitoring and surveillance systems on the edge, Clarifai’s AI models are versatile. They make all your business data work for you, and make insights accessible on a single platform. Your teams have everything they need to take immediate actions and anticipate threats.

There you have it, the best no-code AI tools to empower your team with data intelligence.

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