The Best RPA Platforms to Streamline Your Business Processes

In recent years, RPAs have gained huge traction in the corporate world.

By automating transactional, administrative, or customer service processes, they are freeing your workers from redundant tasks and improving customer experience.

Your employees can then focus on higher-value tasks, such as checking for compliance, managing exceptions, or talking to customers who need it.

However, despite three unchallenged companies (UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere) leading the market, the technology is still maturing, with many competitors looking to shake up the market and address very specific use cases.

Here are the best RPA platforms, and those that can best fit your business needs and IT resources.

But first, what are RPAs?

Robotic process automation (RPA) are platforms that are enabling you to train and code software bots to automate your work processes. You can either teach them by recording your tasks on your screen or via rule-based programming.

The following list is based on ForresterGartnerEverest research reports and personal observations on the market.

The best low-code RPA tools


Appian interface

Appian is the RPA platform that is all about low-code simplicity. On an intuitive interface, your workers can validate their use case, register their specific tasks, fill in their credentials, and visually code their bot. They have access to BPM platforms, workflows, identity providers, monitoring, and analytics tools in one place. They can also get AI-based recommendations to improve their automation system. It’s a great tool to jump-start your automation projects.


Workfusion interface

Workfusion wants to amplify employees’ scope in large companies through automation. The platform provides “digital workers”, i.e. bots specialized in specific automation use cases. Whether managing customer identity verification, assessing insurance claims, or automating your transaction processes, workers can train bots in a dedicated interface and leverage them for their application, while remaining in the loop in case of unexpected events.

These different systems are based on advanced optical character recognition technology to efficiently extract information from your documents. Workfusion is one of the most accessible RPA platforms for specific use cases.

Power Automate

PowerAutomate RPA interface

Microsoft’s Power Automate RPA solution is bringing automation into the hands of office workers. With a simple and intuitive interface, workers can easily bridge the gap between different software and legacy environments. They can choose predefined action blocks, code different workflows for their bot, and save their task within a click. They can also easily see which processes are running and handle exceptions. It’s the equivalent of Microsoft Word but for task automation.


SAP RPA interface

SAP provides an RPA platform as easy to use as Power Automate, but with extensive tool integration. With a visual low-code programming interface, workers can automate their tasks sequence by sequence or take advantage of pre-coded bots. Focused on “hyper-automation”, the platform can also connect with other SPA applications like conversational AI chatbots or SPA OCR capabilities, so you can significantly enlarge your automation capabilities. SAP belongs to an interconnected no-code automation ecosystem.

Full-Cycle RPA Solutions


Nice seeks to optimize the customer experience of big companies with a human-bot collaboration solution. This advanced automation platform analyzes all customer interactions to detect process improvement opportunities, suggests newly assisted workflows, and assesses the result of their implementation. The platform handles both unattended and human-in-the-loop automation processes. In the latter case, it can deliver the right information and recommendations at the right time to employees. Everything to ease their efforts and make the customer experience memorable!


AssistEdge RPA interface

The EdgeVerve RPA platform supports large enterprises in their automation project from end to end. It starts by analyzing each worker’s tasks and mapping the existing workflows. Relying on it, workers can then know which processes to automate first, depending on the ease of deployment and the generated value expected. With a library of pre-built bots tailored to their use case, they can then implement their automation and achieve greater productivity. EdgeAssist covers all the steps of enterprise automation projects.

Service Trace

ServiceTrace RPA interface

Service Trace’s RPA X1 platform has understood the biggest issues of enterprise automation: the lack of transparency, a poor vision on the results, and the complexity of implementing bots from different vendors and across different departments. In a single platform, it allows users to access and manage all implemented automation solutions, determines their performance and ROI, optimizes usage costs, and better foreseen exception cases. It’s the perfect platform for very mature large companies that seek to get a global understanding of their bot activity and manage them according to business objectives.


Kryon interface

Kryon provides a pioneering RPA platform to grow your automation projects. Its process discovery tool records the tasks of each worker and maps their workflow. It then analyzes and detects the best automation opportunities. The magic happens when the platform instantly generates work-ready bots from its observations. In the Kryon Studio, workers then only have to refine the processes and choose which subprocesses to include and alternative work paths to perfect the job. Kryon brings a full-cycle vision of automation to the enterprise, with an all-in-one interface.

All-in-one RPA Platforms


Uipath interface

There is a reason why UiPath is the leading RPA platform on the market. It simply provides the most comprehensive suite of features on the market for robust, ROI-driven automation. Whether through task mining, advanced deep learning capabilities, hybrid human-machine automation, or chatbot capabilities, workers in large enterprises have everything in their hands to streamline their work. On top of that, UiPath can be delivered as an all-inclusive, quick set-up cloud version.


Blueprism interface

BluePrism is the king of collaborative automation, making digital and human workers cooperate. This platform includes a Design Studio where any workers can create bots from scratch, easily redeploy them on other tasks, and readjust their performance in real-time. It is an RPA platform designed for large companies that empower non-technical workers. On top of that, BruePrism provides a cloud solution available at any time. Everything to make employees work more convenient and efficient.

Automation Anywhere

AutomationAnywhere interface

Automation Anywhere is the most feature-rich cloud RPA platform. With it, enterprise employees can access all automation features from anywhere and with any device. Whether it’s discovering new automation opportunities, training bots, or analyzing performance, they can leverage an all-in-one and secure automation service without implementing costly server infrastructure. It’s a good challenger in the market!

There you have them, ten RPA platforms that will help you spark change in your corporate processes.

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