The Best Workflow Software to Maximize Your Productivity at Work

Have you ever dreamed of making all your applications work together in one click?

Workflow platforms allow you to share data between your apps and orchestrate truly automated sequences.

Whether you want to manage your email sequences, automate your onboarding system or structure your sales pipeline, they are the tools to save you time while reducing errors.

Here are the best digital automation process tools to speed up workflows in your company and make work much smoother and less painful.

Beginner-Friendly Workflow Tools


Zapier interface

Zapier is the king of accessible and intuitive workflow automation. The platform allows you to create rule-based sequences in a few clicks. Whether sending messages on Slack, triggering email sequences, or converting your survey results into a spreadsheet, Zapier allows you to automate your basic tasks and connect your data applications. It supports a wide range of APIs and even lets you build your own integration or import data from a URL.


Ifttt interface

IFTTT is the workflow platform for creative automation enthusiasts. Supporting more than 700 application and service integrations (telecom, energy, weather, employment, social networks), it helps you simplify your daily life in every way imaginable. You can program the lights in your house with your smartphone, ask your smart speaker for daily reminders, or adjust your playlist according to the weather. With IFTTT, you can connect any data and make your connected objects work together.


Make interface

Make (formerly Integromat) turn workflow automation into an entertaining and challenging game. It allows you to address business use cases like automating data transfers and task sequences through a colorful and engaging interface. For example, you can easily list your new leads, add new e-commerce products from your tabular file, or manage your hiring process. You can build workflows in one click, smoothly execute them, manage permissions in detail, and connect with numerous applications. Everything to take your work processes to the next level.

End-to-End Workflow Platforms


Kissflow interface

KissFlow takes workflow automation one step further by allowing you to scale your task processes. Through a single easy-to-use dashboard interface, you can see all current working processes at a glance and refine them in detail. You can also assign users to a process to gain agility or set up an automatic task assignment system between teams. The app integration is also robust and efficient. Everything you need to build efficient human-machine collaboration workflows.


Integrify interface

Integrify revamps your business processes with an effective set of automation solutions. With its process builder interface, you can visually code workflows with drag-and-drop features. You can both assign task sequences to users and make your applications work together. Integrify connects with all your APIs and legacy software environments through an open API and custom integrations. Other features allow you to create flexible and responsive forms to more easily extract data from your customers. Via comprehensive reporting tools, you can also check and monitor your processes’ performance.


Nintex interface

Nintex provides a complete package of solutions to automate your end-to-end workflows. It first provides a coding interface that allows you to map your processes via if/then rules and assign each task to each of your employees. You can then automate those tasks by connecting applications, adding forms or intelligent signature systems, or even using RPA capabilities. Finally, once your automation is running, you can monitor and assess all in-progress tasks on a single dashboard.

Next Matter

Next matter interface

Next Matter is the workflow automation platform for operations teams. With this solution, you can manage daily operations by automating task assignments and data integration with customer service and sales tools. On one side, you can automatically define and assign new tasks to your team, and set up the next steps. On the other side, you can provide your employees with the data they need to do their job and allow them to communicate with each other. All this while gaining efficiency and keeping an eye on all your automated processes!

Enterprise Process Automation Software


Power Automate workflow interface

Power Automate is a Microsoft solution that features many automation capabilities. It provides a drag and drop workflow builder interface that allows you to connect all your data and services. Besides this intuitive interface, you can rely on thousands of predefined templates while ensuring optimal data security. Furthermore, the platform features augmented intelligence capabilities such as image recognition, language understanding, and AI prediction. You can combine them with the RPA and BPM capabilities of other Microsoft platforms. An all-in-one smart automation solution set!


Appian workflow interface

Appian delivers a complete BPM and workflow automation solution for large enterprises. Not only does the workflow builder interface allows you to visually code your task sequences but it also provides real-time and AI-based next steps suggestions. The platform also unifies all your data to optimize your workflow according to your users’ needs. It compiles all analytics at a granular level and ensures smooth collaboration by sharing critical information with the right person on the right case. Appian is the perfect automation solution to make your workflows fit your business goals.


Pipefy interface

Pipefy aims to ease up work processes in large enterprises. With its no-code interface, any worker can easily deploy workflows that automate hiring, helpdesk, transaction approval processes, and more. Whether it’s managing forms with customizable requirements, taking control of an entire approval process by keeping everyone involved informed, or connecting data from your applications, Pipefy does it all. With it, you can set up reliable processes and greatly reduce errors.


Servicenow interface

ServiceNow is a platform that connects all company departments together. Whether improving customer experience, employee journey, or leading new IT projects, it empowers employees to bridge their different business and software environments to match their data and tasks. They can also leverage AI capabilities to find new opportunities to automate and optimize processes. Finally, the advanced analytics interface provides insights into processes at a global level. ServiceNow ensures smooth integration of new enterprise management structures.

There you have them, the best workflow software to power up your productivity at work.

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